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March 2016

SEO Tips for Computer Programmers

March 21, 2016   

Computer programmers have subtle yet diversified roles from just the title ‘people who code’ to being crucial contributors and facilitators for better SEO rankings. Their work has become integral to the overall success of any form of SEO strategy. In fact, our friends at SEO Elements have some great tips that you can incorporate straightaway. Learn more about them with their SEO Wellington video:

So, here are some tips for programmers to make any website they develop commercially successful.

Strategic Meta Descriptions, Titles, and Keywords
Meta Descriptions, keywords, and titles have continually gained much significance in the various algorithms for search engines. For this reason, they have a significant role in the overall ranking as well as the indexing of pages.

The Meta title is ideally the same as the subject or the topic while Meta description provides the first few words and characters for the topic description. Therefore, although the same page is being processed, the Meta tags will be dynamic in that they change according to the post. The admin can also have the options to have the title and description appear as wished for each topic. Two additional fields will have to be added in the admin.

You should also consider optimizing not only your website but all associated social properties. For example, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook are go-to options that you should take care of. In fact, SEO Elements has their own SEO Wellington LinkedIn page along with a Facebook page, which should show you just how important these social properties can be.

seo elements

SEO Friendly URLs
URLs that are search engine friendly will help the search engines to crawl web pages even faster. Since search engines usually index pages depending on the URL, friendlier URLs will essentially get index much faster. In addition, the URLs that are based specifically on categories prove much more effective for any SEO strategy.

As a programmer, you should keep in mind that the URLs generated are valid. The use of .htaccess and the apache’s mod rewrite rule may significantly help you develop SEO friendly URLs. Moreover, since we are going for SEO friendly URLs, relative paths will not work. In this case, all of the links regardless of whether they are images, js, or css should be absolute.

Page Loading
Pages that load faster and are better optimized will be crawled by search engines bots faster than thaose that take more time to load and doesn’t feature any page optimizations. For better page load times, here’s what you have to consider:
a)    Image optimization
This is very important for SEO and it should be done properly. Be sure to create thumb images where a smaller version of the big image is needed. Many websites do this by altering the image dimensions (height and width attributes). However, this is not the way to go, and you should never do it.

b)    Cache
Cache is the method where the contents from a database are taken and then written to a file on regular intervals. The programmer controls this and the update intervals will depend on the frequency in which the file contents are being updated. In this case, if your site uses massive amounts of data that need to be loaded from a database or a web service, the excess server requests could slow down the page load times. The use of cache files will reduce the load times significantly and even give a ‘relax time’ to the server.

Iframes, JavaScript, and Ajax
All these are not SEO friendly and should be avoided or minimized in use. Opt for server side validation instead of using JavaScript For dynamic pages, avoid the use of Ajax for fetching records since the search engine bots can’t read the contents generated through Ajax. Keep in mind that Ajax is PHP plus JavaScript and most bots will avoid JavaScript. However, Ajax can still be used to check login credentials and load image galleries, but don’t use it for any content related areas.

These are some of the essential tips for computer programmers in SEO optimization. Consider these coding tips to help any website you develop never miss out on the great benefits of SEO.

Computer Programming Tips

March 10, 2016   

Computer programming is a very important job in today’s highly technological world. A programmer is mandated with the role of formulating computer problems and then establishing ways the computer will handle the problems. The whole job entails analyzing, computing, working on algorithms, verification and eventual coding. For a programmer to be said to be successful, they must know all about coding, programming languages and software engineering. However, a good programmer is the one who employs the following all important tips;

· Be a continuous learner – Today, education has become amazingly accessible and cheap. While this is good, it can only be doom if you are the kind of person who hates reading. To stay relevant in this very competitive internet age, you need to go back to school, read books, attend conferences and do everything possible to add on to your existing knowledge.

· Be professional – It is pretty tempting to pass on the blame to some new kid in the block or someone else when something goes wrong. A good programmer is the one who takes responsibility and fixes what is broken. Taking responsibility helps you be in charge of your career and life.

· You must master the art of coding – For the relatively short time the internet has been with us, it has never turned out that good programmer is the one who makes bad codes. If you want to make it in programming, do all you can to become savant in code making.

· Embrace modern code analysis tools – Programming can only be a success if thorough tests have been conducted. A good program is the one which has undergone numerous tests hence leaving no room for a mistake or code error. Use the latest test tools that will help you polish the quality and effectiveness of your codes.

· Internet technology is improving at a very fast rate. Long gone are the days when a computer used to cost a leg and an arm. Given that computer prices, the cost of internet has considerably gone down, it is critical that a programming expert works on making their overall cost of making software and other applications cheap.

· Security – This is a concern for many governments, companies and even individuals. Cyber attacks are on the increase and this has forced software and application makers to rethink how to cope with them and stay ahead of the criminals. As an internet technology expert, you should be well aware of the need to make update patches that are both effective and affordable.

· The internet is on a roll. People are now able to access all the information they need via their Smartphone. Earlier years, this was only possible if you were using a computer. As a programming expert, you need to be up to date with what is trending and making your applications and software compatible with the mobile devices of the day.

Why Students Should Learn About Computer Programming

March 5, 2016   

Most people are aware of the importance of learning a foreign language, which is why most high schools include classes in subjects like French or Spanish. However, many people still do not realize the importance of learning another type of language. By mastering a programming language, students can prepare themselves for the digital world.

Computer programming is no longer just a skill for an elite group of techies who work for Apple or Google. Instead, it is something that can be used in many different walks of life. By taking the time to master the basics of this subject, students will be better prepared to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Programming a computer is much easier today than it used to be. In the early days, to write a program meant mastering the arcane symbols used in assembly language. Early high-level languages such as Fortran were not much easier to learn. They were not written to be terribly useful for non-specialists.

Today, however, there are many languages that are a lot easier to pick up. Most high school students can learn the basics of Python in just a few days. After a week or so of instruction, students can be writing their own programs to do all sorts of things.


In addition, the widespread availability of mobile devices, such as tablets and smart phones, means that there is a huge market for many different kinds of apps. Students can write their own games and share them with their friends. This is a great way to learn more about what it takes to earn a living online.

Learning more about programming computers also helps students to develop new habits of thought that can be very helpful in many other areas. They will learn to be organized and methodical in their approach to solving problems. Coding can really help people develop their problem-solving skills so that they can solve them more logically.

Finally, having these skills will make students a lot more employable when they are ready to enter the workforce. There is always a lot of demand for people who possess the ability to write computer programs. Learning to code in high school can give them an edge when they are adults.

As you can see, there are many reasons why computer programming should be taught in more schools. Doing so would be beneficial in a lot of ways.